Supporting Animal Rescues

Time and time again, we get asked, “My condition currently restricts mobility to volunteer. How can we support a rescue?” First, a little about rescues and volunteering.

About the Rescue Dogs: Each rescue dog is unique, and each one comes from a very different environment, type of socialization, neglect, abuse, or even abandonment. Sometimes their history is known, and under other circumstances, they may not even be sure of the age of the dog.

Facility Expenses: Facility expenses include much more than mortgage, utilities, and liability insurance. Included are upkeep and replacement costs for the grounds, laundry and bathing equipment, painting and overall cleaning, transportation costs, and vehicle repairs.

Cost of Supplies and Food: This can be one of the most significant costs associated with running a rescue, especially if you are taking in multiple animals at once. There is the purchase of food, bedding, diapers, toys, bowls, collars, tags, and other necessities to ensure that the animals are well-fed, clean, and healthy. The food costs vary on the number of dogs as well as the diet chosen: $100 to $150 a week is not uncommon.

Cost of Medical Care: Veterinary services are very costly, and with that are supplements, medications, and special diets. This includes wellness visits, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm and disease testing, as well as dental and other issues determined by the vet that need to be addressed. And, unfortunately, emergency vet visits can run into the thousands.

God bless rescue organizations. Their work is expensive and a labor of love!

Why Get Involved? Mayo Clinic Health Systems reports three important health benefits of volunteering:

1) Improves physical and mental health,

2) Provides a sense of purpose and teaches valuable skills, and

3) Nurtures new and existing relationships.

How Can You Help? We have all heard, if you cannot adopt, foster; if you cannot foster, sponsor; if you cannot sponsor, volunteer; if you cannot volunteer, donate. This is not quite specific enough. In order to maintain operations and save more lives, you can help in a variety of ways.

• If you sew, help make vests or beds for the dogs.

• Join other volunteers for an outing or a walk in the park with the dogs.

• Support their transportation needs by donating a safe vehicle in working order with air conditioning, good brakes, and tires.

• Help at events, outreach programs, and adoption fairs.

• Utilize your social media skills to help the dogs get adopted and spread/share the word.

• Handyman/construction skills for maintenance and upkeep of the facility and grounds.

Monetary Donations: As you can see from the above, the cost of operating a rescue is substantial, and in our current economic environment, the costs are escalating! Most rescues have a donation button on their web page. For example, Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch’s button is on the top right on our website

The satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference in a dog’s life—priceless!

See you at the Meet & Greet on Saturday, April 13. If you need more information, call 480-600-2828.