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Why I hike

Sun Lakes hikers winding around boulders in Joshua Tree National Park.

Roberta Arpan and 21 other enthusiastic Sun Lakes hikers Hiking is strenuous; the trail can be rocky, muddy and dusty; the weather might be unpredictable; venomous critters might share your trail while nasty flies and mosquitoes invade your air space; and every now and then something unexpected happens. While the chance that some of these…

Sun Lakes Hiking Club takes a look back

Members of the Sun Lakes Hiking Club enjoyed an urban hike in Scottsdale.

Roberta Arpan It all started 27 years ago when 10 to 15 active hikers found themselves with a common pursuit: finding new and interesting places to explore around the Sun Lakes area. Soon this group was gathering on Monday mornings by the Cottonwood flagpole and leaving Sun Lakes at 6:30 a.m. sharp for an adventure…