Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

Coach Kwong Young

One of the greatest assets a player can have (besides ball striking) is to have Court Awareness, or sometimes called “Situational Awareness.” Here are three key factors you/partner need to have to play your best and outplay your opponents:

1) Know where you are (which zones): Backcourt, Mid-Court, Net Area

2) Know where the ball is being sent

3) Know where your opponents are

This will tell you whether to stay back to defend or move forward to attack. Knowing or anticipating things before is key to playing better and smarter tennis. True, many times the opponents won’t allow you to come in due to their strong, deep shots. This is when you look for opportunities to end points quicker, allowing you to conserve energy.  So, let’s get better by improving on your Court Awareness instead of standing stationary and just observing.

Make it happen instead of waiting for things to happen!