Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

Well, like it or not, here comes the dreaded Arizona summer “dry” heat. Not hot enough to bake a chicken, but active players must be extremely careful and be wiser when combatting what Mother Nature will be offering us, including the monsoon. During the colder season, many wish it was hotter, so we start to crank up our thermostat and use our heater while driving. Now temperatures will be soaring into and remaining in the triple digits. Remember my advice:

• Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

• Wear loose, light-colored clothing.

• Apply and reapply sunscreen.

• Since we are just playing socially and for fun and exercise, players may want to think about the team serving twice and not facing the sun, and switch sides on the court every even number game instead of odd numbers.

• Maybe use No-Add scoring to speed up play to eliminate the dreaded deuce points.

• Listen to your body and tell others how you are feeling. Pause play to cool off.

• Bring a small cooler with icy water to dip a washcloth to freshen your face/neck.

• Cut down on your duration of playing, so instead of one and a half hour, play one hour or tie-breakers.