Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

Here is the tip for November:

Are you a player who has been playing for many years, have sound tactics and strategies, and study the game and watch televised matches, but are still losing matches to weaker opponents and are simply being frustrated with yourself? I learned a long time ago as I progressed in tennis that even though I read about tennis, watched countless matches, got sound advice from better players, and had good coaching, I was an inconsistent hitter. I was battling myself, helping my opponents win points, and ultimately not being a strong and dependable partner. You don’t need to hit hundreds, thousands, or even millions of balls just to be a good ball striker. You simply need to perform drills and do 10/10 in a target area, and then you will be confident and consistent!

My son Jamie lives in Upstate New York (Vestal) and has been playing golf religiously for the past five-plus years. He plays seven days a week and is the first one out on the course. He plays double rounds twice a week and recently shot his best (69) score and hit a hole-in-one (237 yards). Now he rarely shoots above 80. He is not the average golfer, but he found a sport he is deeply passionate about and, luckily for him, his wife supports his passion. Like anyone, if you put in the time, whether it’s a sport or not, then you will become more successful!