Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

Many recreational doubles players seem to station themselves in the backcourt. They are comfortable displaying groundstrokes, lobs, and occasional drop shots. If this describes you, there are plenty of opportunities for you to advance forward, bringing your opponents forward. This forces them to transition from their comfortable backcourt placement to test how strong/weak their volley and overhead swings are.

Too many players are worried that if they move toward the net, they will be outplayed with a lob shot. This is true if the ball is sent back in a “friendly” fashion, giving them time and options. The key is to hit the ball back to your opponent with some power—no lobs!

So, in the world of good doubles play, take control of the net. Join your partner at the net instead of the typical “weak” formation of one up and one back. Become more intimidating just by your presence being near your opponents rather than afar.