Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong Young

Coach Kwong Young

Coach Kwong Young

Athletes such as Stephan Curry, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and Serena Williams are top competitors in their sport. They all have one major thing in common—mental toughness. Without mental toughness, one cannot be successful in the sports world.

Whether you are on the court, the playing field, or in the workplace, you cannot fold under pressure if you want to succeed. One must practice positivity and calmness under pressure, even when things are not working your way. Perseverance, making no excuses, and doing the best you can and not “tanking” (giving up or don’t care) develops mental toughness.

I had to learn to have this trait. I had the skills but lacked the mental toughness to help take me to the next level of performance. Good on court decision making, breathing, and a positive attitude towards myself, as well my opponents, made me a better player!

Some players play out of their minds, and some players lose their minds … which one would you rather be?