Tennis Tip from Kwong Young

Kwong Young

How do you control a “Baseliner”? With good groundstrokes and lobs and getting them out of their comfort zone is how.

There are two specialty shots that will take care of that matter, and they are 1) the Drop Shot and 2) the Drop Volley.

The Drop Shot is when you hit the ball softly in the service box to either win the point outright or force the opponent to run up, leaving their comfort zone, the backcourt. You will perform the Drop Volley as a net player. You simply, instead of doing a firm, aggressive volley, soften your grip and just faintly make it land close to the net. These two shots require good skill and timing. One must practice shots to hopefully control the ball better to “outplay” your opponents.

When you begin to practice, develop, add, and execute these two shots, you won’t ever have to worry about how good your opponent’s skills are. They will continue to hang out on the backcourt and, now, the ball doesn’t reach them (checkmate) … well played!