Tennis Tradition: Bradshaw/Neu Charity Event

Martine Blue, Kathy Moore, Cindy McCarville, and Kathy Monitor

Dean and Maryann Sinerius

Tennis is a sport that has a rich and storied tradition. From its origins in medieval France to its current status as a global phenomenon, tennis has a long and fascinating history.

Today’s traditions have changed somewhat, and one of the longer traditions in the East Valley has been the Sun Lakes Bradshaw/Neu Tennis Tournament, which is an annual event held in Sun Lakes, Ariz. The tournament is named after two of the community’s most prominent tennis players, Ken Bradshaw and Don Neu, who were instrumental in organizing the event in its early years. The tournament was first held in 1979 and quickly became a popular event among tennis enthusiasts in the Sun Lakes community. Over the years, the tournament has grown in size and stature, attracting players from all over the region.

One of the unique features of the Sun Lakes Bradshaw/Neu Tennis Tournament is its format. The tournament is a doubles-only event, with players competing in various age and skill categories. This format has helped to foster a sense of camaraderie and community among the players, who often return year after year to compete and socialize with their fellow tennis enthusiasts.

In addition to the tennis matches themselves, the Sun Lakes Bradshaw/Neu Tennis Tournament also features a number of social events and activities. Over the years, the Sun Lakes Bradshaw/Neu Tennis Tournament has become a beloved institution in the Sun Lakes community, and a testament to the enduring popularity of tennis as a sport. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, the tournament offers a unique opportunity to compete, socialize, and have fun in a beautiful and welcoming setting.

The 2023 event has been moved from its traditional November date to Dec. 2 through Dec. 9. The intent of the move was to accommodate the additional players (mostly snowbirds) who have not been able to compete because they had not yet made the trip from their frozen tundra to the Sun Lakes paradise. Also, look forward to other enhancements, such as online signups and tournament updates.

Overall, tennis is a sport that is steeped in tradition and history. From its unique playing surfaces to its legendary players and emphasis on sportsmanship, tennis remains one of the most beloved and respected sports in the world.

The Sun Lakes community looks forward to hosting the tournament again in 2023, and we are expecting the slots to fill up fast, so please save the date, plan to sign up early, and bring your friends with you to enjoy the week with the Sun Lakes tennis community.

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