Thank You , Friends: SLCC Pickleball Club Wants to Thank The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation for Our Grant!

On Dec. 3, 2022, Sun Lakes Country Club Pickleball Club received a wonderful grant of $11,054.38 from The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation.

This is the largest grant that they have ever approved, and we are so honored to receive this grant to purchase sturdy and safe portable pickleball nets. Our club is growing, and we are to the point that we need to start using our temporary courts to accommodate our pickleball players. These nets will help us to provide a safe environment for our players to enjoy pickleball.

Sun Lakes Country Club Pickleball Club is a social club that promotes social play among all levels of players. We not only promote social play on the courts, but also off the courts.

We are one fun club!

We offer free Intro to Pickleball clinics every Thursday at 1 p.m., and special classes in the evening for those who work.

For more information, you can email Dave Planting at [email protected] or call Mary Kermoade, director of membership, at 303-931-6518.

Please come join us in making new friends and having lots of fun.