Thank You, Sun Lakes

Kathy Skrei

The five-year history of The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation has one constant, the support and generosity of the residents of our communities. Our many small fundraising activities have always been met with enthusiastic support. The foundation relies on the small fundraising events to help fund many of the grants we give to organizations and clubs in the Greater Sun Lakes Area. The foundation supports those clubs and organizations that focus on providing outlets and activities for the senior population. We, of course, must also acknowledge the significant donations that individuals have given directly to the foundation. Over our short history, the foundation has given in excess of $300,000 to deserving clubs and organizations serving the seniors in the Sun Lakes area. We are indebted to all of you for our success.

Now comes a pandemic, the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lives. We have unfortunately grieved the loss of several of our citizens who succumbed to this deadly virus. Our routines and our lives in general have been disrupted. The concern for the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens is the primary issue for all of us. The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation finds itself in a precarious position. Not only are we not able to conduct our regular meetings in person, but we now are not able to pursue our normal fundraising activities.

Through this message, we are reaching out to all of the residents in our communities to ask for your help in bridging this fundraising gap. The foundation has partnered with Amazon Smile and the Fry’s grocery chains fundraising programs. Both of these programs provide various charities, clubs, and organizations an opportunity to receive a donation from most all purchases. It is a totally painless way to help the foundation. A small percentage of most purchases is given directly to the foundation. Individually, the donations are not significant, but the collective donations can mean a lot to help us continue our charitable activities for senior citizens in the Greater Sun Lakes Area. This a very dry period for donation activities due to the many restrictions related to the gathering of people. We ask for you to help us by signing up for the programs sponsored by Fry’s and Amazon Smile. Our collective ability to raise funds will help us through this difficult time. All you have to do is sign up online at Amazon and Fry’s.

Here are the simple instructions:

Fry’s: Log on to your account. Go to “Community Rewards” and select “Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation.”

Amazon: Go to and log on using your Amazon user name and password. Select the “Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation.”

Thank you for all your past support! We hope you will consider using the Fry’s and Amazon programs to help the foundation support seniors in our Sun Lakes communities