The Desert Navy Club

Richard Volpe

With all the problems that we’ve all had to contend with during the major part of 2020, it is a pleasant sight to see that the holiday season has arrived, and the neighborhoods and local surroundings come back to life with a hope for a new beginning as we head into the new year. The change in the weather has added to the enjoyment. Following a summer where we went through record-setting temperatures, while at present, many of the locals can be seen enjoying the great outdoors while taking advantage of all the good things that this part of the country has to offer.

The Desert Navy has made its decision, based on the current status of the coronavirus, to cancel all its activities for the remainder of this year. Any changes regarding future activities going into the new year will be passed on to the active membership in a timely manner with hopes that things will improve in the not-too-distant future regarding the safety of all during these tough times.

During this holiday season, please take some time out of your busy lives to give thanks to all of our Armed Forces who are in harm’s way daily. Also, let’s not forget all those in the local governments and private sectors who give up their valuable time and safety on a daily basis to help make our lives as safe as possible while we’re faced with our current problems locally. We wish you all a happy holiday season and a new beginning as we enter the new year. If you have any questions or would like additional information, feel free to call Rich Volpe at 480-802-2532. He’ll be happy to talk to you.