Hits & Misses Bowling League

Ruth Andersen

Although we have a much smaller league this season, we’re all still plugging through this most unusual year. Some beginning scores for October:

High Scratch Series:

10/05. Men: Rick Bell 588, Steve Hull 533; Women: Tammy Visser 439, Joanne Ragan-Foster 418

10/12. Men: Rick Bell 621, Hal Newton 527; Women: Tammy Visser 505, Gloria Hague 435

10/19. Men: Bob Welch 571, Eldon Drenthe 531; Women: Tammy Visser 539, Joanne Ragan-Foster 439

10/26. Men: Bob Welch 609, Rick Bell 582; Women: Inez Scheer 462, Joanne Ragan-Foster 456

High Scratch Game:

10/05. Men: Bob Welch 223, Hal Newton 223, Steve Kauffman 171; Women: Ruth Andersen 181, Inez Scheer 17l

10/12. Men: Bob Welch 200, Hank Mathias 200, Eldon Drenthe 155; Women: Irene Olson 203, Joanne Ragan-Foster 156

10/19. Men: Rick Bell 202, Hank Mathias 190; Women: Gloria Hague 180, Irene Olson 158

10/26. Men: Steve Hull 207, Keith Meller 191; Women: Pat Schmeckpeper 201, Tammy Visser 174

We will be bowling on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, of Christmas week. There will be no bowling on Dec. 28, 2020. Our first day back to bowling will be Jan. 4, 2021, which is our position day for the first half of this season. Hopefully, everyone will be rested and ready to start the new year with vim, vigor, and gusto.

Have a wonderful Christmas, a happy, healthy New Year, and happy holidays to all. Stay well and remember your masks.