The Desert Navy Club Notice

Richard Volpe

I believe that Labor Day around the country typically signifies the unofficial end of summer; however, somebody forgot to tell the weatherman. All of us in the area were fortunate enough to experience a healthy summer, still contending with the coronavirus situation, plus experiencing record-breaking temperatures of over 50 consecutive days with the temperatures exceeding 110 degrees. As we head into October in our area, we are usually looking forward to the return of many who spend their times away from the area. This includes several from across the borders who have become part of our local families over the years gone by. With all the new regulations in place regarding travel, unfortunately, it may be awhile before they will be allowed to move around more freely from their present surroundings.

Although we are seeing some positive signs lately, the virus situation has not gone away and limits us all on how we all choose to spend our days during this crisis. In better times, the Desert Navy Club normally would be meeting on the third Friday of the month, but with the current situation, the decision has been reached to push back its next meeting until the November timeframe when, hopefully, things become a little more positive, relaxed, and safer for the members planning to attend. Any changes regarding this or anything new will be passed on to the club’s membership by its normal communication channels.

Arrangements have been in place now for a while for lunch on a weekly basis at the IHOP restaurant located off Arizona Avenue. All members of the Desert Navy Club and the Korean War Veterans are welcome. The reserved area is isolated in a secure area of the restaurant, and the management has been extremely cooperative in making it as private and comfortable as possible. We suggest that if you are interested and haven’t attended before, as a courtesy, you call in advance to Rich Volpe at 480-802-2532 or Leon “Skip” Johnson at 970-481-3005, just for the restaurant’s planning and staffing considerations. For additional questions regarding membership or any other area concerning the Desert Navy Club, call Rich Volpe, and I’m sure he’d be happy to talk to you. Have a great day, stay safe, and stay healthy.