The Hot Spot


Brian Curry

Old Long Island, NY, volunteer firefighters don’t fade away; they just move to Arizona and become “Crisis Response” volunteers. New recruit Joe Sarro (left) is a Freeport FD (Nassau County) volunteer firefighter, and Brian Curry (right) is from the North Patchogue FD (Suffolk County), both on Long Island. Curry, a nine-year CR veteran, is Sarro’s coach/mentor for his new training with CR231, the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes “Crisis Response” unit that responds along with the firefighters and medics.

Heather Lawson, Enterprise Area Sales Manager for the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, presents a check for $1,000 to the Sun Lakes Emergency Relief Fund which is administered by the firefighter’s union for Sun Lakers in crisis. Pictured left to right and representing the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes are firefighter Justin Roggeman, Captain Mike Molite, Heather Lawson and firefighters Ben Merten and John Lawson. Photo by Brian Curry