The Hot Spot

AFMA training day

A large contingent of Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes Community Crisis Response volunteers attended a training given by Joanne Cacciatore, PhD, on “Traumatic Grief and Loss” at the Chandler Public Safety Training Academy. Fire Corps members of CR231 pictured with Doctor Cacciatore (front row, second from right) are (front row, left to right): Brian Curry, Mary Ann Miller, Karen Snow, Bobbie Rubin, LouAnn Sedgwick, Dr. Cacciatore and Joy McDonald; (back row, left to right): Sherry Cameron, Nancy Roberts, Jim Mottern, Dick Rubin and Scott Jaeger. The training was hosted by the Chandler fire department’s Crisis Response unit (CR288) with Kanika Henry, Senior Crisis Intervention Specialist, and Jessica Westmiller, Crisis Intervention Coordinator. Photo by Jessica Westmiller)

Benefit Bingo event

Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes firefighters (left to right) Brandon Johnson, Joshua Petchel, Captain Cory Evans and Nate Van Briesen strike the pose with Sun Lakes Country Club resident Sheryl Marr at the BBR Realty “Benefit Bingo” event. Sheryl has a fond spot in her heart for the medic crews as well, since in 2015, her husband Mike was in full cardiac arrest at their home. Sheryl, with instructions from the radio dispatcher, started CPR. Upon arrival, the crews took over CPR and also defibrillated him multiple times en route to the hospital where he recovered. Mike is still doing well. (Photo by Brian Curry)

When AFMA Fire Board member and Sun Lakes resident Diane Price (yellow sweater) orders the crew into a photo, you snap to it. With her at the BBR Realty “Benefit Bingo” is her good friend and former Fire Board member Jane Watkins. Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes personnel behind them are (left to right) Brandon Johnson, Nate Van Briesen, Joshua Petchel, Captain Cory Evans and Volunteer Public Information Officer Brian Curry.

Art at the Lakes event

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority was happy to once again participate in the Art at the Lakes event. Every year the firefighters and medics man the hamburger and hot dog booth, cooking up a great lunch for the hungry art lovers. (Photos by Brian Curry)

Community assistance program seeks volunteers

Brian Curry

The Community Crisis Response Program of the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes Fire Corp is looking to add some new volunteers to the ranks of their “CR231” (Crisis Response) team.

The CCRP program runs under the direction of AFMA/Sun Lakes and is part of the nationally-recognized Fire Corps. Two-member teams are dispatched to medical calls, fires, motor vehicle accidents and other emergencies. While firefighters and medical personnel tend to the ill or injured, the CCRP team works with other family members, friends or neighbors who need assistance.

This may involve anything from providing transportation to the hospital, telephoning family members, dealing with pets in the home or providing information about various agencies and resources that may help in a time of crisis or sometimes just offering some calm conversation and emotional support.

Prospective CCRP members (who do not have to live in Sun Lakes) must be in general good health, have a good driving record, pass a background check and be able to work three six-hour shifts and attend one monthly meeting within a calendar month. Training will be provided in CPR and first aid, driver training, radios and the use of the Mobile Computer Terminal that is used in the CCRP’s response vehicle.

Prospective recruits will be required to complete two preliminary ride-alongs with a working, on-duty CCRP team to learn how the team operates and to experience what a “typical” shift is like.

Fire Corps is a nationally recognized and award-winning program for civilian volunteers to assist their fire district. Sun Lakes’ CR231 is one of the few units that responds with their firefighters and medics as well as assisting them in other non-emergency tasks and events.

If you’d like to help your fellow man in their time of need and this type of community service interests you, contact the CCRP team via email at [email protected] with your name and number, and a Community Assistance Program member will get right back to you.