The ImproVables Slay at Oakwood Performance

The ImproVables

Publicity Committee

Uproarious laughter was the non-stop activity at The ImproVables’ most recent performance on April 9 in the Oakwood ballroom. Sun Lakes Community Theatre’s comic improv group was in full swing with their antics, and the audience couldn’t have loved it more. “That was the best show I’ve ever seen!” one viewer was quoted as saying. When asked, “Best improv show?” she replied, “No, best show I’ve ever seen!” Quite a statement, and a sentiment shared by many.

A variety of games, many of which were heavily dependent on audience input, were fast, furious, and funny! From quickly paced genre-changed scenes to QVC sales pitches of a bidet, the laughter just kept on building and building. The audience couldn’t get enough of the energetic group’s authentic and original performance. Ending with an audience participation gift wrapping competition (without use of their own hands), everybody was a winner—wrappers and the crowd who cheered each gentleman on with enthusiasm.

The ImproVables are already scheduled to return to Oakwood in April of 2025. Their next performance will be at Sun Lakes Country Club on Sept. 27. Since their last three performances have sold out in mere hours, be sure to check out to find out when tickets go on sale.