The Library Corner at SLCC

Bette Hargrave

Dear Friends and Readers:

I recently picked up an issue of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn., and read a column in the Opinion Exchange.

“A Brief Magic Moment Shared Amid Chaos”

A brief story of a son who, along with his parents’ caretakers, arrange for his parents in their 90s and living with memory loss to see each other after four months of COVID-19 separation.

The son’s father instantly recognized his wife of 70 years, and with a look of amazement filling his face, he slowly walked over to his wife. He gently placed his hands on top of hers and said, “Hi, how are you doing?” He then kissed her. She recognized his voice and lifted her face trying to see him, she replied, “Good!”

They simply held hands, staring at each other with huge smiles and love. For 30 seconds there was no dementia, no COVID-19, no hate, no racism, no partisan politics! The world was perfect!

This is not the entire article, but abbreviated for this column.

The Library Corner has recently purchased three additional books for your reading pleasure:

The Silent Wife, by Karin Slaughter. A Will Trent number 10; a five-star rating; I enjoyed reading a book for younger readers, too.

The Order, by Daniel Silva, another five-star-rated read. Frank Radice reviews this book as another Daniel Silva masterpiece and states that he couldn’t put it down until finished. Again, we find the head of Israeli Intelligence in Vatican City, and if you think it’s a stranger in a strange city tale, think again. Rome fits the storyline like a glove. The intrigue, evil, and excitement come at you in spades. This is a must read!

From the bestselling author of Presumed Innocent comes The Last Trial, by Scott Turow. Well written and well developed, of course! The final case of Kindle County’s revered courtroom advocate Sandy Stern. He’s 85 years old, has poor health, and has been persuaded to defend an old friend, Keri Pafko.

Scott Turow has been a partner in the Chicago office of Sonnenschein, Nath, and Rosenthal, a national law firm, since 1986, concentrating on criminal defense. He has at least 11 bestseller novels and two works of nonfiction. I hope you enjoy Mr. Turow’s latest!

Reminder: Please return your borrowed books.

Your library staff and volunteers wish you all a safe living life.