The Microwave Workout

Roy Parfitt

We have all heard the term, “Use it or lose it,” and even more so as we age. We can lose three to five percent of our muscle mass each decade after the age of 30, and as we lose that mass, our muscle strength, shape, and function go with it. Living in retirement communities like Sun Lakes, we are more fortunate than a lot of folks in our age group because of the abundance of activities available to us. But as we age, the frequency and intensity of our activity tend to wane. Returning to a regular activity after a period of inactivity can be even more difficult, especially after surgery or an accident.

A few things we can all do to either help us stay fit or get back into the habit of a daily routine is what I’ve termed “The Microwave Workout.” Simply put, it’s using the time we spend warming something up in our microwave oven to our advantage. As an example, I like my coffee hotter than it comes out of Mr. Coffee in the morning, so I put it in the microwave, and during that short time, I do knee bends. This strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints, helping alleviate pressure and strain on the joint itself.

Also, keeping a five- to ten-pound barbell nearby and using it while that timer clicks away will make those chicken wings under your upper arms disappear like magic.

Last, but (in my mind) most important, is balance. Doctors are always telling us seniors we are but one fall away from a life-changing event. We’ve all heard the stories. Standing on one foot during the period of time we are waiting for the microwave to do its thing helps us keep our balance mechanisms working. Balance is truly a “use it or lose it” activity. Keep one hand on the countertop and test yourself. Your brain will take over and let you know if it’s safe to let go.

I’m not a physician, but I do know that maintaining both an active physical and social life in our golden years is key. So, keep moving and keep laughing!