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Janet Cook

With the growth in popularity of online forums like Houzz (40 million users) and Pinterest (150 million users) rather than experts trying to predict what they are seeing as up-and-coming home remodeling design trends for 2018, homeowners are mining data from these sites of what is gaining in popularity. Of course, the purpose for home remodeling is to customize and personalize one’s home to facilitate the homeowner’s lifestyle and reflect their personality. It helps, though, to know what is gaining in popularity with the market, so one can make their home be current for longer.


* More color in the kitchen. There is a trend for having upper cabinets be one color and lower cabinets another with the backsplash that ties them together.

* Wallpaper like tile backsplash that have colors, patterns and intriguing designs

* Out are white sinks or stainless-steel sinks, and in are hued sinks made of stone, copper and concrete.

* Better ergonomics—appropriate counter height for chopping or baking

* The huge, overstated range hood is being replaced by a minimal or hidden hood fan.

* Use of anti-bacterial surfaces found in various engineered stone products

* Vintage lighting

* Return of formal dining experience for healthier home-cooked eating


* The popularity of farmhouse sinks in the kitchen is gaining popularity in the bathroom.

* Use of tile that resembles wood, fabric and wallpaper for walls and flooring for ease of maintenance

* Zero threshold shower in the master bathroom

* Including plants in the design of the bathroom


* Richer colors, earthy tones

* Feature walls with millwork, including in bedrooms

* Open floor plan

* Outdoor living space

* Improved energy efficiency and water conservation

Happy Home Remodeling!

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