The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

The benefit of hiring a design-build remodeling company with an experienced kitchen designer is that you will more likely be very happy for a long time with the results of your kitchen remodeling project. The results will go beyond avoiding annoyances like having drawers and doors that interfere with each other, but having the result of a desired, well-thought-out kitchen remodeling design which provides a great day-to-day experience.

There are many complexities to kitchen remodeling, as well as many moving parts of different professionals coming in to do their part. A general contractor who has a stable of long-term reliable subcontractors, as well as company employees who care about service and delivery help to insure everything goes according to plan. Investing in remodeling of one’s home involves trust, and there is “us” in trust. It is good to work with the designer to get the desired results. What are important to a homeowner is proper function, ease of maintenance and appearance, and here are some mistakes to avoid.

Function – Trending in popularity with kitchen remodeling are larger, open-concept, multi-cook kitchens. The space planning for the “work triangle” of the refrigerator, sink and stove proximity is still necessary for food preparation efficiency. A walk-in pantry helps to make up for the elimination of upper cabinets to create clear views to adjacent rooms. Cabinet storage space will be maximized by using a good quality frameless cabinet. Have deep drawers for pots and their lids. When adding a kitchen island, have a sink placed at one end to increase preparation space. Looking for a farmhouse sink to bring a touch of traditional flair to your kitchen? Check out this guide from Annie & Oak to help you pick out a style to suit your taste. Furthermore, why not have a full-size drawer cabinet for regular and recycling trash bins.

Ease of Maintenance Often, the stove with a decorative backsplash and range hood is designed to be the focal point in the kitchen. The hood should not touch the sides of the upper cabinet to allow better airflow; otherwise, the cabinets tend to collect the grease. If you want glass door cabinets, do not place them next to the stove either; they will get greasy. An undermount kitchen sink is popular because it makes the clean-up of counters easier.

Appearance – Consider the trend of showing more wall space by having some shelving for stacks of plates, bowls, cups for everyday dining rather than another upper cabinet. Hide the dishwasher and possibly the refrigerator by using integrated paneling. Have planned light design so ceiling lights are placed where needed. If you have appliances that will stay on the counter, like an Instant Pot, Vitamix, juicer or coffee maker, plan the placement of an outlet to be behind it. Have electrical outlets along the backsplash placed horizontally closer to the countertop with a cover plate that matches the color of the backsplash.

Happy kitchen remodeling!

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