The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

Most of us buy a ready-made house which is built to have a generic appeal. Many will choose to do home remodeling before they settle in to customize it to their tastes and lifestyle. Others will live there a few years trying to add their touches and realize that the desired transformation is more than they are able to do. Some will experience over time that as design trends have changed, needs have changed, and the house has aged, that it’s time for a refresh. There is nothing like home remodeling to make the home like new, and here are three important elements to help make a home cozier.

Open Concept Being able to see from the front entry to the back of the house makes it seem larger and inviting as soon as you walk in the door. With busy lives and schedules, people want to feel connected to others at home. Open sight lines from the kitchen to the dining and family room helps facilitate opportunities for interaction. A kitchen island with seating welcomes informal gathering while the cook is being creative. Blurring the line between the indoors to the outdoors with a large sliding glass door extends the living/dining and entertainment opportunities. Use the same flooring throughout for a cohesive flow.

Defined Use Newer homes are eliminating a separate formal dining and living rooms because they were infrequently used. We still need a sitting area for conversation and a place to encourage reading and quiet time. Create a seating area to delineate an intimate space to relax, to share. Use cabinets to hide the TV when it is off. Do not use your bedroom for multiple purpose use, e.g., having there a work desk or exercise equipment. One option is installing a murphy bed in the guest bedroom to create the space for working or exercise. If you do not have a spare bedroom, you can enclose part of a patio or build a guest house or a decked-out shed to have a dedicated space.

Ample Storage All homeowners want plenty of storage space to eliminate clutter and to organize efficiently. We love our many kitchen appliances, but having them tucked away is preferable over having them sit out on the counter. Have some cabinetry down to the counter for easy storage and retrieval. Another solution can be having a station inside a wall cabinet for making coffee or smoothies. There are even pop-up shelving systems from a lower cabinet designed for mixers, blenders. A walk-in pantry, and even a walk-in closet helps you easily find what you are looking for, or what you need to shop for. Neither cabinets nor drawers should be stuffed, making finding things a challenge.

Happy Home Remodeling!

Janet Cook, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 40th year), invites you to visit their Facebook page for links to articles featuring photo galleries of different styles and trends in home design.