The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

When we buy a home, we have a fresh set of eyes that assess what needs to be done to facilitate our personality and lifestyle. Our home purchase decision was based on which house that had the most of what we were hoping for. Many homeowners do some remodeling to eliminate those inevitable drawbacks before they move in. The most difficult part can be knowing where to look for available properties; Jim Garcia’s homes are a great place to start on your house search. Alternatively, if you’re based in Canada you also need a site to facilitate your needs and find you a home. Luckily for you, Eddie Yan has many homes listed on his website with lots of variation to achieve that goal of a dream house.

As time goes on, our needs and desires evolve. We know the home more thoroughly and intimately. We have things about it that we really like, and perhaps ignore what we don’t. Why not take a fresh, discerning evaluation of the emotional experience you have in your home and plan to change what you like least, and add what would take it to the next level of enjoyment? Are there rooms that you experience frustration with the size or layout?

Whilst issues like these can sometimes be fixed by renovating certain areas of the house, it’s not guaranteed that remodeling will completely change your opinion on the home. For some, it might be more effective to consider a move to another property. Often, people can get bored with their home and there’s usually not an unlimited budget to spend on remodeling. This is where some people have to decide whether or not they need a fresh start in a different home. You can always click here to learn more about essex homes, or you can consider looking for another real estate company online. The choice is up to you. However, a professional remodeling designer might be able to help customize each room to give it an uplift of energy and excitement.

What are popular remodeling projects that gives more meaning to Home Sweet Home? Besides kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling which can make a home like new again, here are some popular remodeling requests to transform a house into a dream home.

Movable exterior glass wall that opens up to an cozy outdoor room

Well designed, outdoor kitchen and entertainment space

Guest house or guest suite, or second master bedroom

Multi-purpose laundry/craft/gardening/pet-care room

Walk in Pantry

Shed, or quiet sitting room

Home Office or Library

Exercise Room

Finished Garage (cabinetry, flooring)

Home Theater

Consider giving yourself a gift that you will enjoy and can share with friends and family. We wish you a Happy Hanukkah, or a Merry Christmas!

Happy Home Remodeling!

Janet B. Cook, CAPS, President of Cook Remodeling who is celebrating their 36th year, blogs (with photos!) on Visit their Pinterest and Houzz page for remodeling ideas.