The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

As we approach the holiday season, our kitchen increases in importance and may get more use to facilitate gatherings and creating memories! Houzz surveyed 2,380 homeowners who finished or are in the process of a kitchen remodeling project to find out what is trending in 2022. People are spending more to upgrade their kitchen and using professionals to get the highest value on their investment. Here are the takeaways:

Kitchen size and layout. Forty-three percent change the layout for better flow and function. Thirty percent increase the size of their kitchen.

Kitchen cabinetry. Sixty-five percent replace all the kitchen cabinets and counters, and 76% choose a solid wood, 64% using a Shaker cabinet style that are custom or semi-custom. White is the most popular cabinet color (41%), and a medium toned wood is second (12%). The majority are choosing specialty cabinetry storage solutions for pull-out trash and recycling (63%), cookie sheets (51%), spices (42%), cutlery and deep drawers (40%), and Lazy Susan/swing-out corner cabinet (39%).

Kitchen island. More than half of kitchen remodeling projects include adding or updating their kitchen island (56%) and adding more length (39% are over 7 feet). Besides it being a prep space, 52% use the kitchen island for entertaining and 44% for socializing. Blue is the most popular color for the island to contrast with white cabinetry, second most popular choice is a medium wood. There is a tendency to splurge on the countertop on the island, with engineered quartz being the top choice and granite second.

Backsplash, wall color. The majority (56%) choose ceramic or porcelain tile for the backsplash, and 11% choose marble. Sixty-six percent take it up to the bottom of the lower cabinet and range hood, and 10% take it to the ceiling. The most popular colors for both are white, followed by gray or multi-colored.

Flooring. Hardwood is the top choice for flooring (25%) with vinyl flooring (23%) being a close second.

Appliances. The majority upgrade their appliances with the kitchen remodel. The most popular are, in order: refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, range and range hood. The most popular high-tech features are: being “smart”/able to control wirelessly, water efficiency, no-fingerprint coating, and touch or touchless activated faucets.

This time of year can be a good time to assess what about your kitchen isn’t working to do all that you want it to do. Start a kitchen remodeling needs and wish list to make a plan to get it done sooner than later so you will have longer to enjoy it! May your kitchen shine as the heart of your home.

May you have much to be thankful for and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Janet Cook, certified health coach and Aging in Place specialist, president of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 43rd year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.