The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

Knowing current bathroom remodeling design trends can help you create a look that can stay current for many years. It also can help with decisions of elements you want to make sure are included in yours! The 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends study surveyed over 1,900 homeowners who are actively planning, working on, or completed a bathroom remodel in the past 12 months. Houzz is the leading online platform for home remodeling and design ideas. Here are their major finds:

Style Change Drives Action: Forty-eight percent reported that the primary reason to do the bathroom remodel is they could not stand the old style, followed by the reason that it had deteriorated (34%). Eighty-six percent of homeowners changed the bathroom’s design style, with 23% choosing a Transitional style of design and 16% choosing a Contemporary style. Wood cabinetry has become first choice (33% of the time), displacing white cabinets selected by 29%.

Sustainability Matters: The majority of homeowners (87%) make selections based on what will be the most cost effective over time (69%) and better for the environment (54%). The most popular products are LED lighting, water-efficient fixtures, and timeless design. More homeowners are specifying VOC-free paint/finishes/coating for better health.

Planning for Aging: Two-thirds want to plan for future needs (up 18% from last year). Top features include grab bars and non-slip flooring (by 58%), low curb or curbless walk-in shower (43%), and additional lighting (included by 33%). Another predominant design feature specified 70% of the time is having two undermount sinks.

Remodeling Budget Is Increased: The median spend on all bathroom remodels has grown by 50%. Nearly 9 in 10 homeowners rely on professionals to help with the project, with the majority hiring a general contractor. Sixty-two percent upgraded their bathroom’s systems (ventilation fan, better layout, radiant heating, recessed medicine cabinets with lighting and outlet). Over 80% of the projects included upgrading: faucets, shower (rain shower head), wall finish, flooring, lighting fixtures, and countertops, and over 70% also included new custom or semi-custom vanity cabinet and sink.

Primary Bathrooms Get Bigger: Twenty-two percent increase the size of their master bathroom by taking space from a closet, bedroom, or hallway, and 17% enlarge their bathroom with an addition. For those who did not increase their bathroom size, 77% eliminated the bathtub to get a larger shower, increasing its size by 50%.

Happy Home Remodeling! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Janet Cook, Certified Health Coach and Aging in Place Specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 44th year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.