The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

When it comes time for bathroom remodeling, careful planning will yield results one will be happy with long term. Our lifestyles need it to be both efficient in function and luxurious in design. Poor layout, lighting, wrong sizing of products, insufficient storage, and lack of planning for aging in place are the main sources of lack of content. Here are key elements in your bathroom remodeling design:

Natural Light. Having the light of day shining in the bathroom is greatly desired over a windowless master bath that seems like a cave. It also can be a means of fresh air to get rid of dampness. If there are privacy concerns, there are glass coatings so one can see out, but people cannot see in. If it lacks a view, you can specify obscure glass. If there are no exterior walls, there are the options of a skylight or a solar tube.

Toilet Privacy. You may not have the space for a water closet, but you will want the layout so the toilet is not readily seen from adjacent rooms if the bathroom door is open. If you are going to enclose a toilet in its own space, the door should not just clear the seat so one has to do some sidestep shuffle to get in and out. It is better to have a pocket door.

Smart Storage. Medicine cabinets are a great way to get more storage in a bathroom. There are models that come with an outlet built in for an electric toothbrush and perhaps a shaver. It can be a place for makeup, and some provide a flip-out magnifying mirror attachment. A shower niche for soap and hair products is of value where they are not in the line of water spray. A tall linen cabinet can store supplies and towels. Some add a shallow upper cabinet above the toilet.

Right-Size Products. Consider cleaning accessibility when deciding on the size of the vanity if it is not flush against a wall. If the size of the bathroom does not make it possible to have a separate shower and bathtub, you might be able to have both with a wet room. Again, consider that if the tub is too large, it will be difficult cleaning around it.

Plan for Future Needs. Grab bars in the shower are important if one loses their balance or slips. Grab bars at a bathtub makes it easier and safer to get in and out. You may not need grab bars around the toilet, but have blocking placed so they can be added later. Having a curbless shower not only eliminates a trip hazard, it also can make the bathroom seem larger.

These design elements will make a difference in the enjoyment of the results of a bathroom remodeling project for many years to come.

Happy Bathroom Remodeling!

Janet Cook, Certified Health Coach and Aging in Place Specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 45th year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.