The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

May is the month when we specially honor moms. They help make a house a home! What factors are important for home remodeling to get a positive daily living experience? The latest survey by American Home Study found from comparing results from the same survey done two years earlier that there were increases in levels of importance in all key factors about safety and wellness at home. Homeowners reported they wanted their home to be a safe and comfortable place (93%, 91%) that facilitates relaxation and enjoying family (87%, 86%).

Surprisingly, the results showed that homeowners feel less well now as compared to 2020’s October survey. There is good news, though. People are more motivated to make changes for better self-care. These are some of the top areas of wellness important to the majority of homeowners (83-89%) and their current low level of satisfaction in those categories:

• Physical – only 49% are satisfied with their level of physical wellness.

• Emotional – only 65% are satisfied with their level of emotional wellness.

• Mental – only 66% are satisfied with their level of mental wellness.

Typically, people report they are doing home remodeling to update the looks/design, appliance and fixtures, and improve layout function and flow. The survey found the most desired home features are greater technology and energy efficiency (56%), more and better storage (55%), and a better equipped kitchen (49%). This study also found a fourth motivating factor for home remodeling rising in popularity. Forty-three percent wanted results to help them improve their levels of health and wellness.

What are some practical applications to help achieve these results that women want in their home remodeling projects for a greater sense of security and wellness? (listed in order of most frequently included):

A Beautiful Laundry Room that provides continuity with the attractive design of the home, including the addition of built-in storage and a countertop, energy efficient washer and dryer, decorative tile or wallpaper, natural light, and good lighting.

An Attractive Outdoor Living Area that expands the inside to the outside. An inviting back patio to get into nature and enjoy fresh air while relaxing and/or socializing.

An Upgraded Eat-In Kitchen with smart storage organization and walk-in pantry to minimize counter clutter, efficient appliances, and an island for a breakfast bar and more storage.

A Spa-Like Master Bathroom with dual sinks, natural light, and radiant in-floor heating.

A Customized Home Office (three times as many people are working from home). It can have a dual purpose as a guest room.

A Fitness Room to facilitate exercise, which can have a dual purpose with a home office.

Exterior Lighting for better security and Energy Efficient Windows.

Happy Home Remodeling!

Janet Cook, Certified Health Coach and Aging in Place Specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating 45th years), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.