The Remodeling Corner – Ways to make a bathroom seem larger

Janet Cook

October is National Kitchen & Bath Month, a designation started in 1982 by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, an industry resource for design trends and product innovations for our most-used rooms in the home. The kitchen and the bathrooms define the experience and status of the home, giving the impression of whether the home is current or dated. There is never a bad time to renovate the different rooms of your house as it allows you to get your creative juices flowing. Companies similar to Lakeside Renovation and Design, ( can help you to design and construct your dream home so that you can find a new-found enjoyment in your surroundings. Good design gives great return, both in the value of the home and the experience of joy by the homeowners.

Most family bathroom’s size is 5 ft. by 8 ft. with a sink, toilet, and tub/shower combination. Rarely can adjacent space be found to increase its size when doing bathroom remodeling, but there are strategic ways to make the room seem larger. Tip: if you want to have the cost of bathroom remodeling be lower, keep the fixtures where they are.

* Have any compartmentalizing partitions removed, such as a wall separating the toilet from the vanity. Use a frameless, clear-glass shower wall to be able to see the full size of the room.

* Use tile for the three shower walls all the way to the ceiling. Some decorative tile accents, including in the shower niche, can add some color. Place the niche for shampoos, etc.on the back wall opposite the showerhead to hide away clutter.

* Use a neutral color palette. White on white is classic, timeless. Warm up the room with the wood of the cabinetry, and texture can be added with luxury vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood but is waterproof. You can find waterproof flooring like this online if this is the appearance and functionality you want from your floors. If you would rather have tiles for flooring or ceilings. If you’re looking for some assistance when choosing the right tiles for your bathroom or when you’re looking to install tiles, consider tiles professionals such as these residential ceiling tiles experts. So you know you can get the job done correctly.

* Consider a wall-mounted vanity to give more sense of depth to the room.

* Have ample lighting, including side lighting. If the room is interior, add a solar tube for natural light. They can come with an interior solar-powered night light that comes on when it is dark.

* An oversized mirror will reflect light and make the room seem larger as well.

* If your master bathroom is small, you may want to consider eliminating the tub and having a larger walk-in shower. This is only advisable if there is another tub in the home.

The bathroom is where we begin and end the day. Make it a great space!

Happy Home Remodeling!

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