The Strike Zone

Guys and Dolls Bowling

Ava Greenwood

We have been bowling a little over a month into our fall league and we have some of the scores.

As you know, we had some problems starting with alley conditions and some behind the counter issues. There were a few starting weeks that the sheets did not have handicap scores included; however, it appears that has been corrected. Thanks to our President Ralph Harper.

Ralph has also sent via e-mail to the team captains updates of the problems and related to his personal contact meetings with the corporate offices. Some of the items have been taken care of. He said there are a couple of things to be done but is confident they will be completed.

Scores for September and October:

9/28. Scratch Game, Men: 1st Gene Cummings 200, 2nd Andy Boutcher 198; Women: 1st Ingrid Quinones 182, 2nd Carole Sinicki 171

Scratch Series, Men: 1st Bob Reeves 544, 2nd Bill Cheney 538; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki 494, 2nd Ingrid Quinones 482

10/05. Scratch Game, Men: 1st Bob Reeves 235, 2nd Danny Davidson 213; Women: 1st Ingrid Quinones 189, 2nd Karen Sowney 173

Scratch Series, Men: 1st Bob Burke 588, 2nd Bob Reeves 571; Women: 1st Ingrid Quinones 513, 2nd Claudia Rapaelian 452

10/12. Scratch Game, Men: 1st Ron Pennington 212, 2nd Andy Boutcher 206; Women: 1st Joyce Anderson, 2 Joyce Recupido

Scratch Series, Men: 1st Mike Levine 544, 2nd Andy Boutcher 542; Women: 1st Joyce Anderson, 2nd Carole Sinicki

10/19. Scratch Game, Men: 1st Ed Sowney 209, 2nd Dave Cichoracki 207; Women: 1st Claudia Rapaelian 173, 2nd Jacki Hutchins

Scratch Series, Men: 1st Andy Boutcher 560, 2nd John Greenwood 549; Women: 1st Claudia Rapaelian 425, 2nd Karen Sowney 399

10/26. Scratch Game, Men: 1st Larry Alibrandi 233, 2nd John Greenwood 224; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki 192, 2nd Karen Sowney 166

Scratch Series, Men: 1st John Greenwood 627, 2nd Jim Leckner; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki, 2nd (tie) Joyce Recupido and Carol Cummings 416

Hits & Misses

Arlene Burkhardt

The following are the high scores for the month of October:

10/05. Men – High Scratch Series: LeRoy Houchen 592 and Pat Wilson 557;

High Scratch Game: Bob Welch 211 and Tom West 205

Women – High Scratch Series: Donna Bole 498 and Carolyn McClaran 475; High Scratch Game: Sarah Anderson 201 and Christa Marshall 188

10/12. Men – High Scratch Series: Terry Lochbaum 704 and LeRoy Houchen 627; High Scratch Game: John Curly 245 and Tom West 232

Women – High Scratch Series: Joan Houchen 489 and Arlene Burkhardt 455; High Scratch Game: Tammy Visser 182 and Christa Marshall and Donna Bole tied with a 177

10/19. Men – High Scratch Series: LeRoy Houchen 647 and Terry Lochbaum 563; High Scratch Game: Tony Halkiadakis 223 and Bob Welch 200

Women – High Scratch Series: Sharon Lochbaum 467 and Joan Houchen 450; High Scratch Game: Shirley Hutchings 181 and Tidie Morphis 175


Men – High Scratch Series: LeRoy Houchen 597 and Pat Wilson 545; High Scratch Game: Tony Halkiadakis 202 and Eldon Drenthe 189

Women – High Scratch Series: Kathy Wilson 471 and Sarah Anderson 461; High Scratch Game: Donna Bole 191 and Judi Dwyer 185

Prime Timers

Joyce Anderson and Marylou Mathrusse

10/14. Scratch Game – Men: 1st Bob Reeves 213, 2nd Reg Reese 212; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki 183, 2nd Ellie Lloyd 179

Scratch Series: Men – 1st Bob Reeves 548, 2nd Marc Vallecorse 533; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki 546, 2nd Karen Eberlein 464

10/21. Scratch Game – Men: 1st Ed Dean 232, 2nd Marc Vallecorse 228; Women: 1st Carole Biales 180, 2nd Paula Cunkelman 175

Scratch Series – Men: 1st Marc Vallecorse 638, 2nd Ed Dean 559; Women: 1st Carol Biales 468, 2nd Patti Smith

10/28. Scratch Game – Men: 1st Darrell Simon 209, 2nd Marc Vallecorse 199; Women: 1st Karen Eberlein 180, 2nd Carole Sinicki 179

Scratch Series – Men: 1st Marc Vallecorse 544, 2nd Darrell Simon 528; Women: 1st Carole Sinicki 468, 2nd  Joyce Anderson 439