Thursday Night Drop-in Tennis Open to Everyone

Penny Petersen

Drop-in tennis at Cottonwood on Thursday nights is now open to non-members and even people who don’t live in Sun Lakes. This is a new program to encourage people to participate. The Thursday night drop-in has been going on for many years, but it was only open to those attending the Monday night free lessons. Now it is open to anyone who wants to play, no matter their level. Sun Lakers can also come and watch to see if they might be interested in learning the game.

In addition to this new program, there are Monday and Wednesday sessions for women, Tuesday and Thursday sessions for men, and Friday sessions for mixed doubles. There’s also an on-going league for men, but sign-ups for that are over for the season. The times are not the same as in the winter season, and some prefer to play at night, but the tennis goes on, and on, whenever there are two or four people on the court. Just sign up on the bulletin board and get out on the court.

For information regarding membership in the Cottonwood Tennis Club, please contact Susan Hood at [email protected].