Tight squeeze

Club members "skinny up" to make it through Fat Man's Pass.

Club members “skinny up” to make it through Fat Man’s Pass.

Warren Wasescha

One of the great things about the Sun Lakes Hiking Club is that you get a chance to see and experience areas of the Valley in a very different way. Take for example South Mountain. From the ground looking up, it’s just an average-looking mountain. But travel up the Mormon Trail to the National Trail, and your whole perspective of the mountain changes. One of my favorite trails in this area is Hidden Valley that takes you through a natural tunnel and Fat Man’s pass. Fat Man’s pass challenges us all in wondering if we are “skinny enough” to get through the tight passageway between huge boulders. Backpacks off, we take a deep breath, turn sideways, inch our way through this tight collection of boulders, then give each other high-fives afterwards as we get ready for the next adventure on this wonderful trail. It’s one of the regular hikes the club does and a favorite of so many hiking visitors who come to the Valley.

Interesting in hiking? Come join our group. We hike at all skill levels, and our club is a great way to spend time with others while seeing parts of the Valley and beyond that you might not get to see otherwise. Check out our website at meetup.com/sun-lakes-hiking-club to view descriptions of our hikes and some great photos that club members post.

Our club officially hikes November through April, but if you don’t want to wait, contact our club president Stu Frost to try an off-season hike. Stu can be reached by emailing him at [email protected] Or join us this November for another great hiking season. We are a friendly, inclusive group that welcomes all able-bodied hiking enthusiasts!