Tired of the Clutter?

Join us on Wednesday, March 20, from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Cottonwood Computer Learning Center, Classroom 1, for a presentation by Kim Kubsch of Joyful Downsizing. Kim is a professional organizer and master downsizer and the author of Getting Your Life Together Organizer.

Topics to be discussed are as follows:

• Tips and guidelines for decluttering, downsizing, and organizing

• How and where to share/let go of/donate unwanted items

• Why declutter the space before starting to organize containers?

• The difference between estate sales, auctions and on-site auction sales, auction off, and consignment

• Preparing a timeline to make a transition/move from your current residence to another

• Demonstrate and share resources for organizing tools and containers

The presentation is sponsored by the Cottonwood Recreation Department and the Sun Lakes Women’s Association.