Two hole-in-ones for PVLGA players

Wanda Johnson, Ringer and Hole-in-One Chairperson

Liz DeMichael

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) play in September was great fun, made even sweeter by two holes-in-one. Read further to see who made them.

9/04. Pro’s Choice. Only nine holes counted toward the final score in the Pro’s Choice Tournament. But the nine holes were selected by the Club Pro before play began. The winners were Flight 1: Pat Tjosvold (28), Cindy Bosch (29.5) and Sherri Butler and Vallerie Verbeck (tied – 30); Flight 2: Liz Campbell (29.5), Judy Daidone (30.5) and Susie Buell (32). I guess these ladies liked the holes selected and maybe even sent them a thank you note!

9/11. T’s and F’s. In this tournament, only the holes starting with the letters “T” or “F” counted towards the final score. The winners were Flight 1: Cindy Bosch and Sherri Butler (tied – 25) and Julie Curran, Billie Seiberling and Pat Tjosvold (tied – 25.5); Flight 2: Gwen Curtis and Elaine Isaacson (tied – 26.5) and Anita Barber and Sandy Chavez (tied – 27). I guess these “letters” weren’t curse words for these gals like they were for the rest of us!

9/18. Scramble. A four-member Scramble was chosen for the third week of September followed by a fun luncheon. First Place: Kay Berner, Liz DeMichael, Nancy Gehlbach and Carol Ruff tied with Mary Horn, Elaine Isaacson, Dolores Mahaffey and Janet Stuckey (both teams shot 39.25); Third Place: Carole Guild, Paula Elbery and Shirley Trusal (39.33). Good job, ladies!

9/25. O-N-E-S. You guessed it! The holes starting with “O”, “N”, “E” and “S” counted toward the final score. The winners were Flight 1: Mary Horn and Carol Ruff (tied – 31.5) and Carole Guild and Cindy Ryan (tied – 32); Flight 2: Anita Barber (30), Shirley Hutchings (35.5) and Shirley Trusal (36.5). Two of the biggest winners of the day were Bonnie Moore and June Park. They each got a hole-in-one on #12 (they were not playing together). Congratulations, ladies, on an incredible achievement!