Unity: Listening

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is a Spiritual community. We focus on peace, love, and healing and follow the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. We meet in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club, a long block south of Riggs on Sun Lakes Blvd., at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Our minister is Rev. Jeanne MacLaughlin. Coffee and fellowship follow the service.

How little do we know of the power that we hold in our thoughts, words, and beliefs. We are the offspring of the Creator of the Universe which is Love, Light, and Intelligence. We have inherited from Spirit the Divine potential to shape our lives and our world in ways that heal, unite, and bless. What ideas are we creating today? What seeds are we sowing today? Do we listen to each other with kindness, caring, and compassion and allow each other the time and space to find theirs and our own answers, or are we waiting for our first chance to tell the other person about ourselves and our experience or to give them advice? The art of listening lies in being aware of our own thoughts while the other person is sharing and staying quiet and in tune with them, not us. This takes practice but is worth the effort, for true listening is a step toward peace and understanding in our world, and who doesn’t want that?

Activities: Sunday Celebration, 9:30 a.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

Unity Explores: Plans are in the making for a picnic in March.

Reiki Circle: This group meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 in Room A-2 at Cottonwood clubhouse. For questions, call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699.

Prayer Circle: We meet the third Thursday of each month for affirmative prayer. For prayer support, call Rev. Jeanne at 480-374-0111.

Visit our website, unityofsunlakes.org.