Valentines = Volunteer

Brody asks, “Are you my new family?”

Brody asks, “Are you my new family?”

What a wonderful idea! Giving heartfelt love by volunteering! And what better way than to involve your best friend, your pet! There are many opportunities for pets to get involved; the following are just a few ideas.

1. Donate pet blood. We all acknowledge the need for human blood, but there is also a need for pet blood. There are veterinary blood banks across the country that store blood for pets in need of transfusions due to sickness or injury. Most dogs are eligible to donate blood if they are fully grown and in good health. It is a painless process. Talk to your veterinarian to discuss if your dog is a good blood donor candidate.

2. Charity runs or walks. Usually, most charity walks and runs allow dogs to join in as well. It is a fun way to raise money for a good cause, get some exercise and bring your dog out for support. You can sign up for the event as usual, but make sure that they allow pets to attend.

3. Bring your dog to work. Bring your dog to work is an annual event sponsored by Pet Sitters International. The event has become more popular in recent years; check with your employer. Have a spot for them to lie down and take some snacks and toys!

4. Open your home as a foster family to help rescue shelter dogs to become socialized. It can be challenging for dogs from tough backgrounds to get used to being around people and other pets. To volunteer, contact a local rescue or animal shelter, then be prepared to allow the dog to stay in your home for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

5. Therapy dog. Visit a nursing home or hospital, senior citizens and children. Patients at hospitals and nursing home facilities often love to have pets visit them. Studies have shown that exposure to pets during a time of illness can boost morale and aid in the recovery process. Schools have dogs that read with the kids too! Almost any dog can work as a therapy dog as long as they are well-groomed, well-behaved, and love people. Sun Lakes resident Debbie Claseman can assist you – Pawsitive Therapy Dog; phone 480-802-9339.

Volunteering with your dog is a fun way to support positive causes and have a lot of fun in the process, as well as making new friends! Be sure to check that your dog is welcome and that they too are enjoying the outing. Have fun and give back!


If you are interested in having our dogs visit your facility or you are interested in becoming a Pawsitive Therapy Dog team member, please contact Debbie Claseman at 480-802-9339 or e-mail her at  [email protected]

Rover’s Rest Stop has some wonderful already trained kids ready for new homes! Visit; phone  480-600-2828.