Video Game Club Information

Allan Levy

I am trying to get together a group for video games. I have a PS2 and PS4 and a PC. This would be for fun, as our hand/eye coordination is not exactly fabulous. I enjoy flying and driving games myself, but all are welcome. I have recently been playing a lot of League of Legends too, so if you like to play LoL we could also enjoy a few battles or even set up our own gaming tournament. Do not worry if you are a low ranking player. It can take a very long time to reach the higher levels, but there are a number of solutions that can get you there faster. For example, one of my friends recently told me that you can buy league of legends accounts so that you can play with other gamers and even teach them some tricks to help them level up more quickly. Another benefit of purchasing an unranked League of Legends account is that you can battle players from other regions. This could allow our gaming club to reach a global audience. Apart from League of Legends, any PC or console gaming is welcome. Modern and classic gamers are welcome. Perhaps we could get some companies to stop by and show their new stuff. If our group becomes popular we could set up regular meetings and organise food, drinks, and maybe even some exciting trips. I cannot wait to hear from you.

Please contact Allan Levy at [email protected] or 301-503-1387.