Wet and Wild Water Aerobics

Marti Scott

Water aerobics, if done correctly, can be safer than land-based aerobics programs because of the lessened impact. Water aerobics also promotes more muscular endurance and tone because of the water’s resistance and it allows participants to remain comfortably cool during the workout. I like it because it is fun, allows me to make new friends and feel great. We work on balance and exercise to all types of music. We all have various issues and can work at our own pace and ability. All Sun Lakers, men and women, are welcome.

Just bring a noodle if you have one and show up at 10:00 a.m. Monday and Wednesday at the Cottonwood Pool; Tuesday and Thursday at the Oakwood Pool and Deep Water Class at Cottonwood on Fridays. Each Class is $3 or a 10 class punch card for $25.

For more information call Marti Scott at 480-895-4176.