What’s the Big Secret in the Rock Club?

Left to right: Standing: Linda Day, Colleen Vinje, Dan Anderson, Anita Metzbower, Mary Fritz, Kathy Norman; seated: Jim Marquis, Cathy Eanniello

Well, we’re not going to give it up that easily, nor that quickly. First, we’ll recap a couple of our selling points. Specifically, we are one of the largest and, we think, very best clubs in Sun Lakes!

Secondly, we are the quickest way to make new friends! We are not yet back to our over-200-member strength prior to COVID-19, but we are getting close. And we now have four Craft Shops versus the previous three. And one of the Cottonwood shops is a Glass Studio strictly for Stained Glass, Fused Glass, and Dichroic Glass classes and Open Shop. Where else do we have craft shops? Sun Lakes Country Club and Oakwood in IronOaks. What does that mean? It means that you can take any one of our 18 craft classes, and no matter where you reside within Sun Lakes, you are welcome at all four of our Craft Shops.

Do you have a website? What? Of course we do—just type into your Internet browser the link slrgs.com to get a colorful overview of our site and all the good stuff we create—check it out. Okay, so give me the pitch on joining your club. It’s easy. Just come to our general meeting every third Monday at 10 a.m. in the Cottonwood HOA’s CLC Steve Nolan Lecture Hall, October through April. Join up with an annual fee of $30 and then sign up to take one of the 18 classes in five major divisions, i.e., Lapidary, Silver, Lost Wax, Glass, and Creative Crafts. Now tell me the 18 class names: Lapidary 1, Lapidary 2/Bears, Stone Handles, Opals, Faceting, Silver 1, Silver 2, Inlay, Copper Bracelets, Lost Wax 1, Lost Wax 2, Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Dichroic Glass, Gourds, Freestyle Beading, Loom Beading, Wire Wrap/Woven Bracelets.

Hey, wait a minute. You forgot to tell us … when are you going to reveal the big secret? Okay, okay, actually it is one of the biggest benefits of joining the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club (with Glass and Creative Crafts)! After you have taken and passed your first class, you are now eligible to participate in the Open Shops for free! What does that mean? Simply that you may work on your own projects and designs in any one of our four craft’s Open Shops. The applicable Open Shop times are posted on the website, slrgs.com, and on the entry doors at all four of our Craft Shops … enjoy!