When You Look For More, You’ll Find It

Rina Cupples

This holiday season, look for the gifts waiting for you in unexpected places! Sure, look for the carefully wrapped ones under the tree. And I hope you’ll find other incredible gifts … like a crisp, starry night … a greeting from someone you haven’t seen for a long, long time … a perfect little something you can’t resist to get for yourself. Some of my most cherished gifts were least expected.

One December, I felt particularly alone. Sadness was difficult to shake. Out of the blue, a friend asked if I’d like to receive a Reiki session. Eagerly, I said I’d really appreciate it. During that treatment, I could feel a warm sensation fill me. I felt comforted. As I left and thanked him, I realized how important and valuable friendship is. A gift of caring and friendship changes everything.

Reiki is energy healing that everyone can learn. It can be given anytime, anywhere. It’s always a gift that’s “just right.”

Reiki classes are held here in Sun Lakes. Contact Traditional Teaching Master, Rina Cupples, at 480-883-7747 for additional information. Please leave your name and phone number.

Reiki is Universal life Force Energy, which helps support happiness, adventure, and good health.

I wish you very Happy Holidays. And a new year filled with grand adventure and wonderful health.