Where did you come from?

Pastor Jerry McGhee, Sun Lakes Community Church

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 1, we find a profoundly bold statement: “In the beginning, God …” It does not prove the existence of God, simply assumes His existence. The next word in the sentence states the starting point for all of life and history. “In the beginning, God created …” From this one word, “created,” we know from whence and how all creation became. God created the universe; He is outside the universe, a fact that contradicts all other belief systems that believe in a created deity.

Belief in God gives humanity value and significance, for God, Himself, valued it enough to send His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to a cross to reconcile sinful and rebellious humanity to Himself. In Genesis, we see sequence. God begins simply and ends with man, the pinnacle of His creation. Only man was created in His image. We have significance and value.

God created the earth, I believe, so He could create us to love and to have fellowship with Him. It’s appropriate then that we love, obey and worship our creator, God. The fact is, all men do love, obey and worship something. It ought to be our Creator, God.