Where does healing energy come from?

Rina Cupples

My dad did laying-on of hands healing when I was a child, and as an adult, I took training in Reiki. So, I refer to healing energy by that name, though healing power has been called by many terms throughout the ages. “Rei” is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. That’s the innervating, life-giving, life-supporting energy field present in all living beings. It’s also all around… everywhere… Omnipresent. I think of it as the life Force Energy of That Which Created me.

I feel that powerful, yet subtle energy go through my body every time I give a Reiki treatment. I feel it enter the top of my head and flow downward through my body. I feel it warm and tingly in my hands. I feel it strongly in my heart center.

But I don’t control that energy – Divine Mind knows far better than I what is needed, and how the energy is to be used for the greatest good. I’m glad to be relieved of the responsibility of being in charge, as I know that my little brain does not have those answers. My job is to place my faith in God and to allow healing to happen. I put my hands on someone in need, or I hold that person in loving prayer and allow the Creator to direct healing-balancing energy for their highest good.

Now, the second part of the word Rei-Ki: Ki refers to the Divine Source energy that flows in every person. It is also called Chi or Prana, meaning the Life Force flowing through the energy meridians in our physical bodies.

Rei, Life Force Energy radiating from Holy Creator, and the personal Ki energy, together, provide the sustaining, healing, balancing life force we need in order to think, feel, and accomplish all that we do in our lives. We can’t do anything without energy. We cannot exist without life force. Yet sometimes, its flow can become blocked, and sickness ensues. We can learn to channel Reiki Energy for our own good and for the benefit of others. Your pets will thank you, and plants will perk up, too.

Lois Valleau and Rina Cupples offer training classes in how to open yourself to allow Reiki to flow freely and gently through you to receive assistance for yourself, and how to give it to others. Fall Reiki classes are being organized. Call Rina at 480-883-7747 or Lois at 480-883-6699 for information. We look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

The Sun Lakes Reiki Circle meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 of the Cottonwood Courtyard. All are welcome.