Worldwide prayer event October 31

The Mission Board of Sun Lakes Community Church is offering all Sun Lakes Community residents the opportunity to pray for the many needs facing our world today. As a part of a “World Wide Prayer” emphasis encouraged by The Voice of the Martyrs, this is an opportunity to pray for Christians that are undergoing persecution, the various war-troubled spots around the world, the war on terrorism and for those who face personal challenges.

Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of the church you attend or even if you do not have a church home. The Chapel in Sun Lakes, across from the Sun Lakes country Club, will be the place and the Chapel will be open for prayer from 2:00-8:00 p.m. This is one of the days for the Women’s Association Annual Bazaar so those participating either as volunteer or those looking for a bargain will be able to easily stop in at the Chapel for a time of prayer.

No program is planned but Sun Lakes Community Church Pastor and others will be providing suggestions for things to pray about with “prayer sheets for the soul” and “bottles of water for the thirsty” according to Charlotte Newberry who suggested this idea.

For developing information go to our website at or call Charlotte Newberry at 480-253-7389.