Your Health and Reflexology

Kathleen Ismael

Touch is a basic human need. Studies have shown that infants who receive minimal care and seldom experience touch in early months will experience emotional and behavioral impact. Most people know that human touch and interaction is necessary for health and healing.

Each organ and system in the body is influenced by a respective touch point in the hands, and especially in the feet. It is incredible to think about that connection!

We all know that the “reflexes” in our knees ignite when the right “spot” is tapped with that cute little rubber hammer at the yearly check-up! (That always makes me giggle just a bit.)

Reflexology is a gentle pressure and massage to specific areas of feet and hands where points of connection to organs, systems, and emotions can be awakened or relaxed. This electrical connection to the brain can stimulate healing and balance to specific areas of the body. The body wants to heal, but it can only achieve this while in a state of true relaxation.

Reflexology is safe and gentle. During a session, a knowledgeable practitioner will discern areas of need and address them with care.

An ancient art and modern science, reflexology has been a part of relaxation, healing, and comforting people around the world for hundreds of years.

A reflexology session is typically 60 minutes. At IronOaks Fitness Club you will receive a relaxing foot soak of Epsom salt and soothing oils, just for starters, and hot towels to wrap and comfort the hands. It is a relaxing treatment of methodical reflex stimulation and massage to the entire bottom of each foot, finishing up with reflexology and massage to the hands.

Members and guests alike have been enjoying reflexology at IronOaks.

For additional information, you may contact Kathleen, certified reflexology practitioner, at 602-695-4808.