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Dear Tammy and Cheri,

I was hoping you could help me dispel some of the myth’s regarding travel insurance. Several of my friends feel it’s a wasted investment. I am not so convinced.


Jody – Chandler, AZ

Popular myths about travel insurance often are the reason many travelers decide not to invest in the most crucial form of health and safety protection while traveling. If you are interested in traveling, it is vital to have insurance in the same the worst should happen, talk to an insurance company such as one sure insurance to learn more about their policies and read below for the top five myths and why they are not true!

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Travel protection that is available through credit card companies usually only covers certain travel accidents and only the costs that have been paid with that particular card. Credit cards usually will not provide the full amount of coverage you may need, when an insurance policy can.

Myth No. 2 – Airlines always cover costs due to cancelled flights.

Airlines often do not help to reimburse the costs spent by travelers who are forced to cancel their trip when a flight is cancelled due to inclement weather. If a flight is delayed leaving the traveler to cover the costs of hotel accommodations, food, or re-booking, trip cancellation and delay insurance policies can help when the airline supplier won’t.

Myth No. 3 – You don’t need travel insurance for short trips.

It is important to remember that the risk of an accident occurring during a trip is not determined by the length of the trip you are taking. An accident or medical emergency has the same chance to occur whether you are away for a few days or a few weeks. Travel insurance can ensure you can be covered no matter how long the length of the trip is, or what happens along the way.

Myth No. 4 – If there is an emergency, accommodations will be refunded.

Unfortunately, if there is some type of emergency that occurs during a trip most hotels, resorts and airline companies do not have policies that are lenient enough to cover it. Cancellation rules could cost you even if the accommodations have not been pre-paid.

Myth No. 5 – Insurance policies add an extra expense to an already costly trip.

Many people feel that travel insurance is an extra expense that they just do not want to budget this as it seems a waste. In reality, travel insurance policies are only a small percentage of the overall trip cost.

It is important to remember that the cost of purchasing coverage doesn’t even compare to the costs you may be charged if you were to experience a medical emergency or trip disruption. Take the time to be informed on the multitude of insurance programs available before making a final decision to purchase or to decline.

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