Cheers Singles Club Members Dining Out

Ann Kisner

We are almost there! Spring begins March 20! Just hang on for 20 more days, and we will be ready to enjoy the best time of the year here in Arizona. Everyone has settled into the activities they enjoy. It’s great to see all of you involved in those activities.

Judy Cody has you Book Club members reading Waking Up White, by Debby Irving, in February. The club meets once a month in the Oakwood library. You can reach Judy at 480-895-8608 for any info you may want.

Mary Beth Sutor has organized a Mah Jongg group that meets every Wednesday at poolside at the Oakwood Country Club, at 1 p.m. New to the game? No problem. They will help you learn. If you have any questions, call Mary Beth at 520-227-0432.

Now that you have your reading organized and you are playing Mah Jongg, or are in the process of learning how to play, it’s time to sign up for the fun activities. How about a glass of wine? Sign up for Wine Tasting. This happens once a month in one of our members’ homes. This is usually full, so sign up early. Contact Lorene Roberts at 480-883-797 for the monthly location of our Thursday Socials.

Now that you have enjoyed the Wine Tasting, it’s time to sign up to go to Dining Out. Glenda Williamson will have the restaurant chosen, and you can call her at 217-519-1080 or sign up at the Thursday Social. This is always a popular event. It is a great way to find new places to have dinner out.

Donations for the Hamilton High students who need help can be brought to our Social Hour or call Sally at 203-470-0733 or Sue Agnew at 480-491-3774 for more info. Gift cards or food (such as cereal, snacks, and soup) and tissues, shampoo, etc., are greatly appreciated.

Our travel specialist Richard Lewin is always at our Social Hour, or available at 609-332-3915. Be sure to check the bulletin board for all the exciting places you may want to explore.

If you are a single living in Sun Lakes, SunBird, Solera, or Springfield, you are welcome to join us. We would love to have you as a member. If you want more info, call Ginny Marr at 480-390-5145, Richard Lewin at 609-332-3915, or check out our website at