Chordaires Sing at Private Events

Chordaires lined up with residents, family members, and staff during the Christmas party at Desert Springs.

One the best parts of being a Chordaire is singing at private events like holiday parties, club celebrations, or at care homes.

A highlight of our holiday experience was our appearance at two assisted living homes in Chandler, Desert Springs and Spring Garden, both owned by Autry and Marriza Palacios. The staff invited residents’ family members, and all were dressed in holiday attire for the party. To top it off, the staff had prepared a beautiful lunch for us following the 30-minute program—a wonderful surprise.

Those Chordaires who were in town in December loved singing in more intimate settings than the ballroom where we perform shows, especially when our little audience joins in singing some old favorites. It’s heartwarming to see how music reaches people, even when not much else can.

Now we are hard at work learning the music for our Spring Show, Life’s Magical Moments, which will feature songs about those wonderful first-time experiences such as first best friend, first love, and first horror movie.

If you have considered giving barbershop singing a try, we would love to have you join us right away. There’s still time to learn some of the songs for the show and get acquainted with a lively bunch of women. For more information, email [email protected].

Our Spring Show will be April 1 at Cottonwood’s San Tan Ballroom. Check the Splash for more details next month when the tickets go on sale. It’s sure to remind you of some of your most magical moments.