Joyful Downsizing Free Workshop: ‘Getting Your Life Together Organizer’


Certified organizational specialist Kim Kubsch of Joyful Downsizing will present a free workshop as she launches her new book, Getting Your Life Together Organizer, on Friday, Feb. 10, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The workshop will be held in the Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room, at 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., in Sun Lakes. Park on the east side and walk directly into the room. Handicap parking is convenient.

Regardless of age, current health conditions, or the value of an estate, planning sooner rather than later offers valuable benefits for everyone.

“As an active, living tool, updated yearly, this organizer will convey your wishes to your loved ones and survivors,” notes Kubsch. The workbook is offered in both paperback and eBook formats.

Who will use this workbook?

You—This active planner and organizing tool is a one-stop master plan of “Important Documents.” Leaving this completed guide for survivors will eliminate guesswork, thereby making implementation of your instructions easier by having compiled all your data in one place. “With preparedness comes peace of mind in knowing that your affairs will be taken care of as you wish, while survivors protect your assets and legacy,” emphasizes Kim.

Your survivors—This will be the first helpful tool they will look for when you pass. Keep this organizer guide in a safe, secure, and easily accessible place. Advise trustees or designators of its location and how to gain access to it. Your loved ones will consider your advanced planning a welcome gift as they navigate key decisions during a difficult and emotional time.

About the author: Kim Kubsch

Kim’s focus since 2008 has been on helping a diverse group of seniors live better lives. Currently, she runs Joyful Downsizing, a service that offers downsizing, decluttering, organizing, and facilitating transitions for boomers and seniors in the Phoenix Southeast Valley.