Coach Kwong’s Tennis Tip

We all know the serve is the action beginning the point and is a weapon if you have a strong, well-placed delivery.

Back in 1972, there was a musical group, Argent, who sang “Hold Your Head Up.” The song is spot-on when relating it to tennis serving performance. When you drop your head/shoulders, most likely, the ball will end up in the net. We all have seen tennis trophies. The trophy will show a figure with their head up, relaxed knee bend, racket behind, and ball-tossing hand up high. This stance is the ideal way to display good serving posture, but let’s be real; many players don’t do this. Players tend to have a low toss and do “quick serves,” which does not allow you to get maximum leverage for power. You also fail to get your racket back behind you to generate racket speed for power delivery and little follow through. We are all individuals with our own unique style of serving, and still your serves go in (applaud!) … It is what it is!