Cottonwood Men’s Golf results

Results of recent events:

3/05. Ace of Aces – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Mark Higgs, 2nd Terry Denefe; Net: 1st Jay Mays, Cliff Mattson and Tom Wilhelm; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Bill Moore, 2nd Tom Rainville, 3rd Rafael Take and Dan Paxton; Net: 1st Larry Mullins, 2nd Walt Nowicki and Gerry Rooney; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Ron Gunnoe, 2nd Gene Kivi, 3rd Jerry Jonston, Larry Nelson and Russell Grgich; Net: 1st Steve Martz, 2nd Robert Sullivan and Tom McLeod; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Tom Reese, 2nd Jim Morris and Joe Ficek; Net: 1st John Ladd, 2nd John Baker, 3rd Kip Henderson; Flight 5 Gross: 1st Roger Wilson, 2nd Bob Timms, 3rd Tom Rhea ; Net: 1st Francis Sweet, 2nd Bob Timms, 3rd Tom Rhea

3/12. Four Man One Gross Two Net – 1st place team Grady Anderson, Tom Mcleod, Jack Voight and Evan Owen, 2nd place team Dave Butler, Tim Lamb, Ralph Casale and James Kay, 3rd place team (tie) Jim Curran, Glenn Martinsen, Robert Robinson and David Eriks and Bill Moore, Ray Osborne, Gerald Brock and Tim Fettis

3/18 and 3/19. Member/Guest – Flight 1: 1st Cliff Mattson and Chad Niles, 2nd Bruce Koehler and John Schatbinger, 3rd Rafael Take and Kevin Kurtz; Flight 2: 1st Ray Parfit and Enrique Morales, 2nd Gene Kivi and Pat Conry, 3rd Jim Czaja and John Almond; Flight 3: 1st John Robbins and Dave Hayes, 2nd Keith Koler and Corky Hunt, 3rd Jerry Johnson and Dick Martin; Flight 4: 1st Joe Ficek and Mike Kopacz, 2nd Bob Robinson and Steve Parks, 3rd Bob Schadel and AJ Boerboom; Flight 5: 1st Roger Wilson and Bret Stray, 2nd Dick Johnson and Bob Scofield, 3rd Tom Rhea and Dave Oberholzer

3/25 and 3/26. Ryder Cup – Ryder Cup was won by the Blue team

3/26. Four Man Select A Drive1 Gross Two Net – 1st Victor Lesch, Tim Lamb, Julian Pickens and Howard Rathbun, 2nd Dave Butler, Bernie Wolfin, John Baker and Evan Owens

Upcoming CMGA events:

May 7: Ace of Aces

May 14: Quota Points

May 21: ABCD Scramble

May 28: Four Man One Gross/Two Net