Crystal Cards: A Popular Choice

Bobbie Reed

Crystal Cards has thrived, despite the pandemic. With home delivery as an option, people have continued to buy cards. Almost every day, we deliver cards to residents of Sun Lakes or SunBird. And people love the cards and the delivery option.

All the money raised from these sales goes to My Sister’s Place, a shelter for those escaping domestic violence. As we all know, the pandemic has led to increased violence and an increased need for programs and money to help victims. Since its inception, the Crystal Card Project has raised over $52,000 for this effort.

If you would like to help by donating cards (entire cards so we have the inside message as well as the front), donation bins are located in each of the five Sun Lakes communities.

If you would like to buy cards, we are offering home delivery of cards until it is safe to have in-person sales again. You can arrange for delivery of an array of cards to choose from, for yourself or to share with friends. Just follow the simple instructions below:

1. Send an email to [email protected] that includes:

* Your name,

* Your Sun Lakes home address,

* Your phone number, and

* The basic kinds of cards you want.

2. A volunteer will call, confirm details, and arrange to deliver an assortment for you to choose from. If you plan to share with friends, ask the volunteer to deliver extra cards.

3. You look through the card assortment at your convenience and pick the ones you want.

4. You place payment for the cards you have chosen in the box, along with the cards to be returned. (Cards are $1 each. You can pay with cash or by check made out to The Crystal Card Project.)

5. Call the volunteer to arrange for pickup. The phone number will be in the box with the cards when they arrive.

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